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Frozen Sheep Heart

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Whole lamb's heart suitable for student dissection. Sheep's hearts have 4 chambers like that of a human heart meaning they ideal for teaching circulation.

Non-preserved specimens do not have the same chemical odour of their embalmed counterparts and retain their colour well.

Our lamb organs and are sourced from British abattoirs with the highest standards of animal welfare, they are a natural by-product of the meat industry.

All our frozen specimens are supplied vacuum sealed. Upon receipt specimen will have defrosted, they can then be re-frozen for dissection at a later date (use within 2 years) or kept refrigerated if required imminently (within 2 days). Not suitable for human consumption.

Preserved hearts and dissection equipment also available.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Diane Taylor
Perfect product

Arrived on time paid for next day delivery as daughter gave me two days notice for college project and surprisingly local butchers did not stock them! Was perfect specimen well packaged in reusable wool

David Procter
Great service, ideal product

I purchased the sheep's heart for my son to dissect in his school science class. By all accounts the lesson went well. The heart arrived in plenty of time and was in perfect condition. I would heartily recommend Darwin Biological and will not hesitate to use them again.

Priscilla Harrison
Excellent product

Really pleased with the product which my Grandson needed for dissection. Arrived promptly and in excellent condition. Thank you.