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White Eye Drosophila

White Eye Drosophila

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Drosophila melanogaster. Fruit flies are often found near unripe and rotted fruit and are an ideal species for behaviour and genetics studies. White eyed fruit flies are able to see but have white eyes (unlike the red-eyed wild type).

Cultures: contain approximately 30 specimens as well as eggs, larvae and pupae.
Males: contain approximately 30 specimens. We usually require 5 days notice to supply segregated males.
Virgin Females: contain approximately 30 specimens. We usually require 21 days notice to supply virgin females.
100 Adults: contain approximately 100 adults, both male and female.

Chromosomal position: Sex Linked

If you wish to breed your flies we have ready prepared media tubes, as well as empty specimen tubesquick-mix media and yeast. For media recipes and fruit fly facts read our live specimen care information.