Egeria najas
Egeria najas

Egeria Najas (Pond Weed)

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Egeria najas. Also known as Narrow-Leaf Anacharis, Brazilian Elodea and Egeria.

Egeria Najas is a fast growing bright green aquatic plant with small pointed leaves. It doesn't need much light but does need a temperature of at least 22°C (unlike Egeria Densa). 

Anacharis is a great pondweed for school photosynthesis experiments as it produces a slow stream of easily counted bubbles, up to 40 a minute.

For more information on pond weed practicals in schools we recommend CLEAPSS' GL322 Guidance document.

Do not release into ponds or rivers as Anacharis is non-native.

Sold per 'bunch' each bunch contains 5-10 strands, each 10-15cm long, approximately 80-100cm in total. Upon receipt submerse immediately into dechlorinated (or aged) water.

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