Elodea Pond Weed
Elodea Pond Weed

Elodea (Pond Weed)

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Egeria densa, formerly known as Elodea densa and often referred to as 'Elodea' or simply 'pondweed'. Egeria densa is an excellent substitute for Elodea Crispa which is no longer permitted in the UK.

Elodea can be used as a live model to observe chloroplasts in motion (cytoplasmic streaming) inside of the cytoplasm. Elodea leaves are only 2 cells thick and unlike other plants, its epithelial cells carry out photosynthesis. Experiment features in OCR GCSE Biology curriculum (PAG B6, PAG B7).

Do not release into ponds or rivers as Egeria densa can be invasive.

Sold per 'bunch', each bunch contains 5-10 strands, each 10-15cm long, approximately 80-100cm in total.

Growing conditions - Upon receipt submerse immediately into dechlorinated (or aged) water. Ideally keep between 15-20°C with either a grow light or north facing window (to avoid the sun overheating the water). To encourage healthy growth you can use an aquarium fertiliser.