Owl Pellets in foil
Dissected owl pellet showing bones and skull
Owl Pellets in foil and dissected
10 Owl Pellets in foil

Owl Pellets

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Owl Pellets are undigested parts of an owl's food which are regurgitated, their contents varies depending upon the owl's diet, often containing bones, hair, feathers and even complete skulls. Owl pellets have virtually no smell and are ideal for students to dissect, giving a fascinating insight into the diet of a bird of prey. This practical can be tied to habitat, adaptation and food chain studies.

To help enable students to identify the bones found in the pellets we recommend this Field Studies Council folding guide which also features a comprehensive guide to British Owls including their habitats.

Collected from wild owls in Shropshire to ensure varied contents - owls kept in captivity are likely to have a far less varied diet.

The Mammal Society have great owl pellet resources including a mammal mapper that students can use to record their findings. The society are particularly interested in the Greater White Toothed Shrew, an invasive species that have now been found in the UK.

Each pellet is individually wrapped in foil and heat sterilised at 120°C (250°F) for 4 hours. As a natural product, size will vary between 3 and 8cm long.

Available individually or in a great value pack of 10 or 50.

PLEASE NOTE: The current batch were collected in 2023 during annual maintenance of the barn owl boxes; no more pellets will be available until the 2024 maintenance commences in July.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David Ford
Owl Pellets

Thanks to prompt next day delivery despite postal strike, I was able to organise a great owl pellet dissection exercise for the Year 3 Pupils where I volunteer.
They made some interesting finds and learnt a lot. Thank you.

Charlie Cox
Lots of bones

I spent hours picking apart these and found so many cook things! Rib cages, skulls, spines, i have lots of bones to show off now! Will be ordering again.

Karen Jenks
A beneficial activity

Dissecting the pellets engaged the children; they discovered a lot of different things: fur, claws, bones and different size skulls of small rodents complete with teeth. The reason for only 3 stars is the price as another supplier was able to provide the pellets at less than half the price and also included an identification chart. I would do the activity again but plan order earlier and use a different supplier.