Sheep Pluck

Frozen Sheep Pluck (Heart, Lungs & Liver)

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This full lamb's pluck contains the heart, lungs, trachea, and liver and is ideal for dissection. The organs are still attached allowing students to see how they relate to one other. The lungs are intact allowing respiration experiments to be undertaken (there may be small incisions resulting from vet checks). 

Please note that although care is taken, some damage may have occurred during slaughter.

All our frozen specimens are supplied vacuum sealed. Upon receipt specimen will have defrosted, they can then be re-frozen for dissection at a later date (use within 2 years) or kept refrigerated if required imminently (within 2 days). Not suitable for human consumption. 

Customer Reviews

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Maria Abbott

Very good

Korinna Vosper
Excellent resource

The pluck we ordered was delivered quickly and in good condition. We have used it a few times, freezing it in-between, and each time the lungs have expanded and the students have enjoyed the demonstartion.