Frozen Dogfish for dissection
Close Up Frozen Dogfish for dissection

Frozen Dogfish

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Scyliorhinus. Also known as the small-spotted catshark, sandy dogfish and lesser spotted dogfish. Dogfish is a very common type of small shark found off the coast of Europe. Ideal for school dissection practicals.

All dogfish we supply weigh around 1kg and measure 50-60cm. 

Sustainably sourced from South Wales.

All our frozen specimens are supplied vacuum sealed. Upon receipt specimen will have defrosted, they can then be re-frozen for dissection at a later date (use within 2 years) or kept refrigerated if required imminently (within 2 days). Not suitable for human consumption. 

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H McGoldrick
Generally ok

Fish was received fully defrosted, sort of expected it to still be frozen, however, I refroze it and defrosted it again when required and all was fine.