Chlorella vulgaris CCAP 211/11B
Chlorella in glass universal bottle
Chlorella vulgaris CCAP 211/11B

Chlorella vulgaris

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Chlorella vulgaris, is an easy to grow unicellular green microalga ideal for photosynthesis investigations such as the popular algal balls experiment. Alternatively Chlorella can be used instead of blood in haemocytometers. Chlorella is spherical and non-motile and has been extensively used in biotecnology.

Division/Phylum: Chlorophyta
Class: Trebouxiophyceae
Order: Chlorellales
CCAP Ref: CCAP 211/11B
Required Medium: EG:JM
Environment: Freshwater

30ml pack size, suitable for 30 students. Also available in 100ml & 250ml bottles.

Store at room temperature (14-24°C) away from direct sunlight. Shake before pipetting onto slide & viewing under microscope.

Darwin Biological's algae and protozoa samples are produced in partnership with the Culture Collection of Algae & Protozoa (CCAP) and are only available for UK schools and colleges to purchase. Please visit to purchase if you are a university or commercial customer.

Customer Reviews

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Anvesh Gaddam
Quick delivery and good product

I am using this for culturing chlorella. I am also using the growth medium, which again I bought from Darwin. It has been 3 days so far and I can see good progress in the culture as it turns into dark green.

Louise READ

Very good quality and quick shipping

Alison Hill
Algae samples

Excellent service. algae worked perfectly for the photosynthesis experiment we were carrying out.

Michael BALL
I am currently using this sample for photosynthesis experiments

I am currently using this sample for photosynthesis experiment I took measurements 7days ago when the sample arrived To determine the cell count and population i have used a cell counting chamber usually used for blood samples A week after arrival the sample which is oxygenated daily giving a 96% viability

Good quality product

Good quality product, arrived promptly, ideal for photosynthesis experiments