Nutrient Agar in Petri Dishes

MRS Agar In Petri Dishes

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MRS Agar is designed to encourage the growth of lactic acid bacteria. It was originally developed by de Man, Rogosa & Sharpe (hence the name M.R.S.) for Lactobacillus species. These ready prepared sterile 90mm petri-dish plates are a valuable time saver. Available in a pack of 10 or discounted pack of 30.

Each plate contains 18ml of agar and is 90mm in diameter.

Plates are supplied in a cellulose easy-open wrap. Keep refrigerated between 2 and 8°C.

As well as MRS Agar in petri dishes, we also offer powdered MRS Agar, ready prepared Malt Extract Agar and Nutrient Agar in petri dishes

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Dr Stephen Howells
First purchase

Excellent customer service, the MRS agar plates arrived on time in perfect condition. The lab work with the plates were successful, giving good informative results for our students.