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Mexican Hat Plant
Mexican Hat Plant with Plantlet Close-Up
Mexican Hat Plantlets
Mexican Hat Plant in Pot

Mexican Hat Plant

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Kalanchoe daigremontiana. Mexican hat plants (also known as 'Devil's Backbone' or 'Mother of Thousands') are a great example of asexual reproduction. Each 'parent' plant produces numerous 'baby' plants along the edge of the leaves. Each 'baby' is formed with leaves and roots, eventually falling off and rooting easily in the soil below.

Grow at room temperature in bright but not direct light. Water once a week once soil is dry, do not over-water.

As the plantlets easily fall off the parent plant it is likely they will separate during transit, however within a few weeks more plantlets will have been produced.

Available as a pack of 20 plantlets or a single 'mother' plant in 9cm pot. (All pots are re-used and re-usable)

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Arrived very prompt and in good appearance they are growing well