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Sample of British wildlife pond water
British wildlife pond water under microscope

Pond Water Species

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A bag of pond water containing a mix of species, including algae and protozoa. Exact composition varies throughout the year and also depends on exactly where the sample is taken from, surface vs bottom for example, if you have a specific requirement please contact us.

Collected fresh from a wildlife pond here in Shropshire.

100ml pack size.

Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Durr
Teaming with Algae and protozoa.

Just bought two 100ml packs of pond water. The duck pond is alive with stuff the other pond is not quite as productive at the moment. Things change over time in freshwater samples with new species popping up over different times. Very helpful and will be using again.

Michael BALL
Delighted with my second batch of pond water

My recent batch is a delight . After 7 days the pollution of different protozoa from the duck pond site is now giving a good population of paramecium and several other ciliates.When they first arrive the main organisms present in the upper sample give a rich mixture euglena and various motile algae
At the bottom of my sample jar besides the ciliates i have small colonies of vorticella My previous batch now over a month old as amoeba present in the remains of rotting algae at the base of the sample. The second sample from the field pond is at present providing euglena and several species motile algae

Michael BALL
Pond sample generally ok lots going on

Pond samples generally ok in the beginning only one species of protozoa dominating the sample in th past week four other protozoans have appeared