Euglena gracilis CCAP 1224/5Z
Euglena gracilis in bottle
Euglena gracilis under microscope x100
Euglena gracilis under microscope x400

Euglena Gracilis

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Euglena gracilis is a single-celled eukaryotic organism found in stagnant freshwater. Euglena gracilis is able to feed by both photosynthesis or phagocytosis (engulfing cells such as green algae and amoebas). Euglena has been extensively used in different biotechnology applications.

Division/Phylum: Euglenophyta/Euglenozoa
Class: Euglenophyceae
Order: Euglenales
CCAP Ref: CCAP 1224/5Z
Required Medium: EG:JM
Environment: Freshwater

30ml pack size, suitable for 30 students.

Store at room temperature (14-24°C) away from direct sunlight. Shake before pipetting onto slide & viewing under microscope.

Darwin Biological's algae and protozoa samples are produced in partnership with the Culture Collection of Algae & Protozoa (CCAP) and are only available for UK schools and colleges to purchase. Please visit to purchase if you are a university or commercial customer.

*There is a 2-3 week lead time, demand dependent, when ordering this specimen*

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