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Oniscidea. Also known as pill bugs, slaters, cudworm, chisel-hog, chucky pigs, sow pigs and many many more! Woodlice are one of the few terrestrial crustaceans, so more closely related to lobsters than insects, in fact woodlice still breathe using gills. A woodlouse has 14 legs and an outer shell called an exoskeleton which they shed once they outgrow it. Woodlice feed on decaying matter and can be found in compost heaps or under rocks in UK gardens.

Ideal for biology animal behaviour investigations using a choice chamber or maze. 

We supply with some decaying leaves/humus for the woodlice to feed on, however we advise you use as soon as you can to ensure they are healthy. If you can't use immediately, keep outside in a sheltered location away from direct sun/rain for a few days. For longer storage we recommend you decant into to a tank of slightly damp soil with leaf litter and rotting wood.

As woodlice are native to Britain, they can be released into the wild once investigations have been completed. Ideally find a damp and dark area for release, e.g. under a rock, hedgerow and/or in a pile of leaves.

To complement your woodlice practicals we recommend this Field Studies Council woodlouse folding guide.

Pack of 10, 50 or 100, mixed species, ages and genders. All will be over 8mm long.

Please note that woodlice are not be available during very wet or cold weather - please therefore order in plenty of time - if unsure please contact us. When unavailable (or as a cheaper alternative) we suggest using maggots for animal behaviour practicals.

Customer Reviews

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Woodlice for primary schhol

Happy with the purchase, the woodlice arrived on time and in perfect conditions

Kayleigh Hughes
Perfect order

The delivery of the live stock was perfect and in a great container for the specimens, including plenty of food and shelter for them. When they were delivered, the livestock were in great condition and healthy for future required biology practicals.

Amy Purdon

Lots of healthy woodlice delivered, and friendly, professional customer service

Mary Oliver

Thank you for being so attentive to the dispatch / sending of the woodlice. These were not at all easy to find and we were not sure there were very many of them. The children loved learning about them and had built a magnificent hotel for them to go into.

Rebecca King

Excellent service, and felt there was a genuine respect for the woodlice giving us clear tips on how best to look after them.