Squamous Epithelium Slide
Cheek Cell Microscope Slides
Squamous Epithelium Slide
Squamous Epithelium Slide

Squamous Epithelium Slide

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A prepared microscope slide showing mammal mouth scrapings. Cheek cells are eukaryotic cells meaning they contain a nucleus and other organelles within a membrane.

If ordering a single slide they are packaged individually (or in 2s), if ordering a 10 pack they are sent in 2 cases, each of which holds 5 slides. See images for packaging examples.

*NEW* We recently had a batch of slides delivered that failed our quality check, most have minor scratches or slight chips. The actual specimen is unaffected meaning the slides are completely fine for use, however due to the cosmetic issues we are selling at a 40% discount! Please select the 'slightly damaged' option from the drop down menu.