CCAP 1131/1 Pyrocystis lunula
Pyrocystis lunula in glass bottle
Pyrocystis lunula under microscope x100
Pyrocystis lunula under microscope x400
Pyrocystis lunula under microscope x1000

Pyrocystis lunula

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Pyrocystis lunula is a crescent shaped bioluminescent microalga, when disturbed, it creates a beautiful blue bioluminescence as a result of a chemical reaction with the enzyme luciferase. Pyrocystis is a dinoflagellate, which are very important organisms as major primary producers in the oceans.

Division/Phylum: Dinophyta (= Pyrrhophyta)
Class: Dinophyceae
Order: Pyrocystales
CCAP Ref: CCAP 1131/1
Required Medium: L1 Marine Algae Media
Environment: Marine

30ml pack size, suitable for 30 students.

Store at room temperature (14-24°C) away from direct sunlight. Shake before pipetting onto slide & viewing under microscope.

Darwin Biological's algae and protozoa samples are produced in partnership with the Culture Collection of Algae & Protozoa (CCAP) and are only available for UK schools and colleges to purchase. Please visit to purchase if you are a university or commercial customer.

*There is a 2-3 week lead time, demand dependent, when ordering this specimen*

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