Preserved Woodlice
Preserved Woodlice

Preserved Woodlice

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Oniscidea. Also known as pill bugs, slaters, cudworm, chisel-hog, chucky pigs, sow pigs and many more. Woodlice are one of the few terrestrial crustaceans so are more closely related to lobsters than insects, in fact woodlice still breathe using gills! A woodlouse has 14 legs and an outer shell called an exoskeleton, which they shed once they outgrow it. Woodlice feed on decaying matter and can be found in compost heaps or under rocks in UK gardens.

Pack of 5 or 10, mixed species, ages and genders. All will be over 8mm long. If you require a single or specific species please state when ordering.

Live woodlice also available.

SDS Available: Preserving Fluid

Information sheet available: Preserved Specimens