Defibrinated Horse Blood 25ml and 100ml bottles
Defibrinated Horse Blood 100ml
Defibrinated Horse Blood 100ml
Defibrinated Horse Blood 25ml

Horse Blood

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Defibrinated horse blood for use in microbiology culture media. Defibrinated blood is collected aseptically, then processed mechanically to remove the fibrin, this prevents the blood from clotting.

Ideal for post-16 studies where exam specifications suggest making slides. Due to the pandemic cheek cell sampling is inadvisable, however blood smear slides are a great alternative. Blood samples can be stained using Leishman's stain to differentiate between white and red blood cells.

***As the product contains no preservatives it has a very limited shelf life. Please allow 2+ weeks for delivery and advise if you require the product for a specific date as delivery can be arranged accordingly. If you require it urgently please contact us prior to ordering.***

Store at 2-8°C and use by date on bottle.

Sheep blood is also available.

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Glen Percival
horse blood

Thank you. Very effecient