Flour Beetles Tribolium Confusum
Flour Beetles Tribolium Confusum
Flour Beetles Tribolium Confusum Anatomy Drawing

Flour Beetles (Tribolium Confusum)

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Flour beetles, Tribolium Confusum, are easy to grow and breed. Simply empty the culture you receive into a container with whole wheat flour (fine), white flour and bakers yeast in a ratio of 4:4:1, alternatively you can purchase a ready prepared media mix. There is no need to provide water! They are fascinating creatures which burrow through the flour, we recommend you keep them in a clear plastic box/tank to allow you to fully observe them.

Flour beetles are often used as food for small amphibians such as poison dart frogs.

Cultures provided contain all stages of the lifecycle (eggs, larvae, pupae and beetles), including at least 30 adults.

Bred in Shropshire.

Please click here for full information regarding flour beetle care.