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E.Coli K12 Strain

E.Coli K12 Strain

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Gram -ive

Escherichia coli is a Gram-negative straight rod, which either uses peritrichous flagella for mobility or is nonmotile. E coli is commonly found in the lower intestine of warm-blooded animals such as humans. The K12 strain has been modified so it can no longer survive in the human gut making it safe to work with.

Ideal for practical investigations into antibiotic efficacy.

E.coli K12 (NCTC 10538) is Lactose positive (Lac+), i.e. produces beta-galactosidease in the presence of lactase.

ACDP Hazard Group 1

All Darwin's bacteria are derived from strains held by the British National Culture Collection (NCTC). These cultures are then sub-cultured before being applied to slopes and sold into schools and colleges across the UK. By sub-culturing we are able to supply quality bacteria at affordable prices. Our bacteria is a maximum of 4 passages away from the Culture Collection’s original. If you require fewer passages, or are purchasing for non-educational purposes, please purchase directly from the NCTC.

Made by Darwin Biological in the UK under licence from the UK Health Security Agency, formerly Public Health England. NCTC is the trade mark of UKHSA.

Culture is supplied on a nutrient agar slope in a glass screw top universal bottle. Store in a fridge (2-8°C), bring to room temperature prior to use. Culture around 25°C.

Click here for a downloadable information sheet.

Please note: All bacteria are sold at customer's own risk and appropriate risk assessments must be completed under COSHH before proceeding, considering both the ACDP and COSHH regulations, but also considering the risk to young people as a susceptible group. No responsibility will be taken for any accidents resulting from misuse. Cultures are non-returnable. For UK educational purposes only. Not for human consumption. 

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Very pleased with service. Prompt delivery and easy-to-use website. Will use again in future.

Sonia p
Excellent service

Placed the K12 E.coli order and it arrived the next day just on time for the Microbiology practical
Thank you ever so much - would recommend using again in the future

Lesley Thompson
E Coli

Good strong culture which arrived promptly

Claire H
Excellent product and service

Ordered on a Thursday, which the website clearly states not sending live cultures on Thursday or Friday. Received the following Tuesday without a problem. Neatly packaged and ready to use. Great on the delivery as I was aware of drop off via email so knew when to collect to keep refrigerated.

Lorraine Wragg
K12 recovery and paperwork

The K12 slope recovered very well onto TSA and I have now put it down into our culture collection. I was a little disappointed that there is no paperwork with it to confirm it is a primary source of the organism. K12 is a little difficult to get hold of and we intend to use it in our new test system as a control, so this may well be an issue long term. Excellent delivery service and well priced.