Drosophila Fruit Fly Media Tube
Drosophila Fruit Fly Media Tube
Drosophila Fruit Fly Media Tubes
Drosophila Fruit Fly Media Tubes

Drosophila Media Tubes - Small

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High quality fruit fly food with an anti-mould agent in 10cm glass specimen tubes. Each ready-made media vial comes with both a plastic lid and cotton wool stopper (non-recyclable foam bung option also available) a plastic ladder and a sachet of baker's yeast.

To ensure freshness, all media tubes are prepared to order at our lab in Shropshire. Before adding flies sprinkle a little of the included yeast into the tube (optional) and insert the ladder (also optional). Tubes are sent with a fitted plastic lid to increase the longevity of the media, once flies have been added, replace lid with cotton wool stopper or foam bung to allow air exchange. We recommend storing in the fridge until use and adding the flies within 1 week of receipt.

After use, the glass tubes can be reused and the cotton wool stopper composted.