Blepharisma americanum CCAP 1607-1

Blepharisma americanum

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Blepharisma americanum is a unicellular ciliate protists. Ciliates have their body covered by tiny hairs that help them to move in very characteristic ways and help with prey capture for feeding, as ciliates do not have chloroplasts and therefore they are not photosynthetic. Blepharisma has a very distinctive pink in colour.

Division/Phylum: Ciliates/Ciliophora
Class: Heterotricha
CCAP Ref: CCAP 1607/1
Required Medium: SES
Environment: Freshwater

30ml pack size, suitable for 30 students.

Store at room temperature (14-24°C) away from direct sunlight. Shake before pipetting onto slide & viewing under microscope.

Darwin Biological's algae and protozoa samples are produced in partnership with the Culture Collection of Algae & Protozoa (CCAP) and are only available for UK schools and colleges to purchase. Please visit to purchase if you are a university or commercial customer.

*There is a 2-3 week lead time, demand dependent, when ordering this specimen*

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Michael BALL
a fascinating protozoan one month on the culture still ok

I received this culture about a month ago i have refreshed the culture on just one occasion so far and provided chlorella and a protozoan colpoda as food source
Michael T Ball